Silkscreening Here and There. The Cambodia Project Workshop Featuring United World Schools


Silkscreening Here and There:
The Cambodia Project Workshop featuring United World Schools

In this new workshop, I will challenge students to think about their unique part of the world and how they would share it with others, opening a conversation across borders through art.

Part I: Silkscreening Here -- Experiential learning

Students will illustrate their experience of where and how they live, using a variety of media (pen and ink, markers, photographs, collage, etc) to create a black and white graphic image.

They will then create their own photo emulsion based silkscreen and expose their individual design onto the screen. With this screen, they hand-print on different surfaces including fabric and paper.

Part II: Silkscreening There -- Slideshow and lecture

I will address students with a presentation and slideshow of a similar workshop I taught in February 2016 in Northern Cambodia to teenage girls from the Hill Tribe communities.

The girls were invited to 'draw pictures to show their lives and society to Canadians who were far away and knew nothing about them, but were curious'.
In the lecture, students will view pictures and videos I made of these workshops, introducing them to the Hill Tribe communities in which the girls live, and the United World Schools they attend.

Students will have the opportunity to view the artwork, prints and products designed and created by their contemporaries in Cambodia. We can then compare the prints they did, and what can be created with the parallel work in Cambodia as an interesting study in similarities and differences. It will be a great way to observe the world.

Learning Objectives

-Learning the basics of silkscreening from design to production
-Entrepreneurial skills: how to plan and budget for a simple print studio; how to create a saleable product, including pricing and marketing
-Introduction to Cambodian culture, history and politics, with a focus on the Northern Hill Tribes
-Expanding understanding of art as a means of forming connections between cultures
-Information about United World Schools - that runs 41 schools in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, how they do it,plans for the future and how you could be involved in this amazing organization.

This workshop would take 2 3 or 4 hour sessions and would cost ​$29 to ​
$49/student,​ depending on amount of time and ​supplies included.
Please contact the instructor Kingi Carpenter at 647 740 1141 or

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon !!  , Kingi

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