Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!
Halloween Print with a Pint !!

Halloween Print with a Pint !!

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Join me, Kingi for  another Peach Berserk-  Print with a Pint adventure!  Come in and make amazing things...! 


A fabulous night in my Storefront Art Gallery/Silkscreen Studio were YOU screen-print like crazy - YOUR designs, and mine too! 

LEARN Screen Printing, Make TONS of Cute Stuff, AND Have a BLAST !! 
Great to do with friends or a date !!


 The next Print with a Pint is Wednesday July 11 from 7pm ON - and check the other upcoming dates too.


  • a custom silkscreen made with YOUR OWN ART (email me your artwork in advance) !
  • Use of my Peach Berserk silkscreens to print with too - including super cute SUMMERY ones !! 
  • Fabric+ a t-shirt +  a tote bag + cute fabric AND  all the printing ink you can use that evening- so bring extra stuff to print too - be creative.
  • extra t-shirts , bags  and fabric will be for sale in case you need them
  • a talk on the silkscreening process, setting up your own home studio, and question and answer session
  • refreshments (BEER !!) and a great snacks!
  • a great evening to share with friends !

This is a creative evening for you to learn how to screenprint and gain experience by printing as many tea towels, t-shirts, pillowcases, and as much fabric as you like!

We will be having a talk about how to set up your very own silkscreen studio, and you can tour the Peach Berserk studios where all the magic happens! You can also see Kingi's art collection including 500+ paint-by-numbers!

Use any of our amazing screens, AND send us your photographs, drawings or other images in advance for us to shoot on a screen for you!

And... if you are interested.....  I will talk about my recent trip to Cambodia and Vietnam where I established a sustainable silkscreen studio with young people in Banlung, a remote town in Ratanakiri Province, located in the north east of Cambodia.  Let me know!  And I can show you amazing prints/things the local girls made there, too <3 !!

This workshop is only $75.   All inks and supplies are included, you just bring extra stuff you would like to print on!

516 Rogers Road in West end Toronto.

Refreshments and snacks will be served.

  Workshop runs from 7pm until 11

Call me for deets, and/or to pick YOUR date !   it's gonna be a blast. <3  647 740 1141    xo  Kingi


I also do PRIVATE Print with a Pints !! These are great for parties - call me anytime for deets !!  647 740 1141 !!!